Since 2014, our Professors and Doctors have been researching and testing comprehensive stem cell therapies for Spinal cord injuries which pass beyond the limitations of conventional therapies.

We are unlike any other stem cell treatment provider in the world, the reason? Since 2014, we have been developing and optimising our stem cell treatment protocols with the concept that only a very comprehensive solution can allow our patients to truly benefit from stem cells. We believe that stimulation through various therapies is necessary to enhance stem cell regenerative response, therefore our protocols include daily therapies to support the stem cells. Finally, we provide a wide variety and large quantities of  concentrated stem cells in order to adapt to each patient’s  specific condition and deliver maximised regenerative potential. Our Professors and Doctors have developed all the particularities that make our treatment truly comprehensive and unique.

Our non invasive program and comprehensive treatment  approach provides a better chance of progress for better quality of life than conventional therapies alone.