Quadriplegia Level C6-7,TH 3-4-9-12,L2,V
Quadriplegia Spastica Spinal Cord Lesion C6 & C7
Spastic Quadriplegia Level C6
Quadriplegia Level C6-7
Spinal cord injury Vertebra TH9

D. Babic

Age 27
Injury Sustainedd
Spinal cord lesion, level C6-7 ,TH 3-4, TH 9-12, L2d
Medical Diagnosis
Danijela had no movement in her arms or his legs before the stem cell treatment.

How did you sustain your injuries and what was the extent of your injuries?

I was injured in car crash accident in 2016. There was 3 spinal cord injuries. There was 3 fractures in cervical segment, thoracic segment, lumbar segment and there was a compression of the spine in cervical segment of spine C6 and C7.

Have you seen improvement from stem cell treatment?

I am here from May 2019 and there is much improvements especially with my sensation of body, abdomen and the hips. Also my proprioception is better. I can feel my hips and my knees now. I am much better work with my hands and also daily activities.

What are the biggest improvements from your stem cell treatment?

There are many improvements. I can count four of them right now. It is sensibility in the skin sensation in the lower part of my body and also there is stabilisation in my abdomen, I can sit on own. There is also respiratory benefit I can breath a little bit better and I can do exercise more longer.

Could you write after the accident?

Before the accident, I was writing, dancing, I was a very active young person  but after accident I couldn’t write I couldn’t do my hygiene, elementary things. Now after this treatment I can do many things, I can write again, I can do colouring of the pages. Also I can do myself hygiene, changing cloths changing my hair and there is much progress.

Has stem cells treatment changed your life?

I am absolutely satisfied because I am much more independent in everyday activities about getting clothes and personal hygiene. I am not dependent on second or third person for their assistance. I can do much more things after stem cells treatment than before.

Would you recommend stem cell treatment to the people with similar injuries?

Yes absolutely I would recommend stem cells treatment.

How did you find the team here, the medical team?

I am very satisfied with the team. They motivate# me and also social segment of my life have improved. I can communicate with other patients and exchange opinions and share problem with them. I can do much more things that I did not dream of, you proved to me that I can do much more than I could not think before.


Age: 33
Car crash accident 2014.
Injury Sustained
Miroslav had a spinal cord lesion, level C6, C7.
Medical Diagnosis
Miroslav had no movement in his arms or his legs before the stem cell treatment.

How did you sustain your injuries?

I had a car crash accident and my injury was fracture of the spinal cord in level C6 and C7 cervical injury.

When did the accident happen?

The injury happened in 2014

What conventional medical treatment did you have?

I had implant stabilisation in the cervical spine treatment in the public hospital 3-4 years ago and was removed from my spine. I also had a rehabilitation process in a one year after the operation in the public hospital.

Did this conventional medical treatment work for you?

Because I was just lying for four months without any movement, they prepared me for the sitting position and using the wheelchair and then the rehabilitation treatment started.
When did you come for stem cells treatment?

First treatment with stem cells started in 2018. I came here and with the stem cells and rehabilitation, we had a lot of progress.
What was the biggest improvement you seen since stem cell treatment?

After the first stem cell treatment, the major improvement was in the stability of my pelvis and also after five years of rehabilitation in a public hospital I had the standing position for the first time. I felt more stable position in my hips and also in my pelvis.

What was the secondary improvement?

The second great improvement was in the lower back, in the extensor muscles of my back. Also for the first time, I felt contractions in my abdominal muscle erector spinae. Also there was a much more independent transfer from the bed to the wheelchair and back.

What was the third biggest improvement?

The third improvement is there is more greater sensation in my feet. I can feel my feet. I cannot say specifically what that feeling is like, but I know something is happening with my feet and also about my urinating. I can control much more my urinating by contracting my abdominal muscles.

Has stem cells changed your life?

Yes, this stem cell treatment has definitely changed my life. I plan to stay here much longer. I am now in the early time in the whole treatment process. I can feel the benefits and the progress and the whole team is helping me with everything and motivating me.

Would you recommend stem cells for similar injuries?

Of course I would recommend the stem cell treatment and the rehabilitation process. If there is a possibility to come here to this clinic, I would recommend that but if someone is not in position to come here I would recommend to keep on training wherever they are and just keep moving.


How was your experience with the medical team here?

Perfect. I am overwhelmed with the medical team and the staff. They are great young people, everything here is the best. I have planned to stay here as long as possible because the progress is immense.

What is your Goal?

My goal is to improve over all condition, maybe independent standing. We are going in that direction. I think with this team and this much positive energy and motivation we will accomplish that.
Have you got any other improvements since the treatment?

There is other kind of benefits. I’m a much more positive person, I’m much more motivated. I no longer have that kind of break, that I’m going to give up or stay by myself in my apartment. I am going to exercise every day and make progress every day.



Age: 30
Car crash accident, injury happened 2013
Injury Sustainedd
Spinal cord lesion C6 & C7.
Medical Diagnosis
Quadriplegia Spastica
Slobodanka had no movement in her arms or his legs before the stem cell treatment.

How did you sustain your injuries and what was the extent of your injuries?

I had a car accident 6 years ago. I got injuries in my spinal cord C6, C7 cervical spine. I could not walk, move my legs at all and also my wrist.
Could you walk after the accident?

There was immediate cut of communication with spinal cord and extremities so I could not walk or move my hands.
What were the extent of your injuries after car accident?

After car accident I was not able to move my legs and wrists. I was immediately transferred to surgery. I spent 6 years in rehabilitation process in public hospital but there was no progress at all.
What improvement did you see after stem cell treatment?

After treatment of stem cells, the improvement was much better in my whole body especially in lower extremities and sensation and proprioception.

What are the 3 changes did you see before and after treatment?

The sensation in my whole body is much better and also the abdomen stabilisation and hip stabilisation is much better than before. My arms and wrists are more stronger as I can hold things much better now. I can stand up on my own with a little help also I can do movement with my knees when I am standing on the weight of my body. Even I can do the steps on my own and that is the greatest change for my life.

Are you happy with the treatment and would you recommend this treatment to others?

I am very happy with the stem cell treatment and also the whole rehabilitation process here. I would recommend to others with similar injuries to come here and to try this protocol on their own.

What is your goal?

I am here from 4 months in the rehabilitation process. I believe that in next one year I will make much more independence in standing and walking just with the help of a crutch.

How did you feel over all now?

I am more positive and the new environment and new people around me make many positive changes for my motivation and my approach for further process.

Would you recommend stem cell treatment?

Yes I would recommend stem cell treatment to everyone with similar injuries.

Has stem cell treatment changed your life?

Yes stem cell treatment has changed my life because I am much stronger and much more stable now. Also there is much more sensation in my body.


Age: 21
Mileca had a car crash accident 5 years ago
Injury Sustained
Spinal cord Injury, vertebra Th9 fracture with severe spinal cord compression
Medical Diagnosis
Mileca was medically diagnosed as Paraplegia

How did you sustain your injuries?

I had an accident five years ago. Car accident.

What injuries did you sustain from the car accident?

I have thoracic, injury of thoracic T9.

How many stem cell treatments did you have at this clinic?


When did you get the stem cell treatment?

I had my first treatment six months after my injury in December 2015. Two treatments in 2016 one in 2017 and one in 2018.

What improvements to your life have you had since your stem cell treatment?

I couldn’t sit without support and now I could. I am stronger in my back and my stomach. My muscles are stronger and I have a better balance. I’m better in transfer in bed to wheel chair and from wheel chair to car and dressing myself is easier now than before.

Are you now more stable in standing position after the stem cell treatment?

Now I’m more stable in standing position and I could do more exercise in that position. I couldn’t do that exercise before. During my exercise I have more stable movement in my hips.

Are you happy with your medical team here? 

I found that the team here is very good, they very professional and they help me through my rehabilitation process. I will advise other patients with a similar injury to go to stem cells but with rehabilitation and a lot of exercise. My goal is to walk again and I hope with help of the team and rehabilitation I could do that in the future.


Age: 28
Neven jumped into the water in 2015 and hit his head on the rocks beneath.
Injury Sustained
Neven sustained spinal cord lesion – level C6.
Medical Diagnosis
Neven was medically diagnosed as Spastic quadriplegia.
Neven had no movement in his arms or his legs before stem cell treatment.

How did you sustain your injuries?

There was a jump by the seaside. It was a bad jump and I hit my neck on the rocks beneath the water and that is how my injury happened.

What injury did you sustain?

My injury was spinal cord type injury, C6 cervical spine injury, fractured vertebras and compression of the spinal cord.

When did the spinal cord injury happen?

The Injury happened in 2015.
What conventional medicine did you get?

In the public hospital I got the first kind of treatment, there was no operation procedure on me but I got a rehabilitation process, it was okay but there were not many improvements.

When did you come for stem cells treatment for your spinal cord injury?

My first time in stem cells treatment was in 2017.

What is the biggest improvement you have seen so far?

My sensation in the lower legs and abdomen is much better and also the range of movements in my legs are much better also. I am more stable.

Would you recommend stem cell treatment?

I would recommend the treatment of stem cells.

How did you find the medical team here?

I am very happy with the team. I am very pleased with their work and motivation. Everything is great here.

Would you recommend this treatment to someone with a spinal cord injury?

I would recommend everyone with this kind of rehabilitation and this kind of approach from this team.

The team is awesome, the atmosphere is great, very positive, positive young people working hard motivating me and everything is the best.

What is your three biggest improvements after the stem cell treatment?

My first improvement is like walking on my four feet. I can do the baby crawling without any assistance.

The second improvement is that I can feel much more sensitivity in my body especially in my lower legs.

The third and most biggest improvement is I can do squats by myself without any help only with my hands and my legs.